Restaurant Review: Red Lentil Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant in Watertown, MA

Gluten free lasagna? Vegan shepherd’s pie? I wondered what each of these meals might taste like as I scanned down the menu at the Red Lentil Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurant. My boyfriend took me to this cute and quaint spot located in Watertown, Massachusetts, as a surprise a couple of weeks ago. This place has a very chic, clean atmosphere and an excellent menu for those with any food intolerances, or even just for an adventurous soul looking for healthy meal alternatives. From gluten free and vegan butternut squash polenta to an Ayurveda-inspired Nirvana Delight dish to the variety of smoothies offered, this place really nails any plant-based desires that one might have.

Everything on the menu looked tempting, but Ben and I had to go for the gluten-free and vegan lasagna and shepherd’s pie. I think this is the only place that I have been able to find a lasagna with both gluten-free noodles and non-dairy cheese. While I do eat gluten and dairy on a rare occasion, it is nice to be able to try these gut-friendly alternatives.

Our mouths were gaping when our food arrived at the table. Two huge mounds of food sat in front of us- no way would we be able to finish those portions! After we started eating, though, there was no stopping us. The flavors of each dish were unique but delicious. Somehow we devoured both meals by the end of the night. No regrets!

I highly recommend checking out the Red Lentil. The food, atmosphere, and service all combined to make for a lovely experience. I can’t wait to go back again soon and try the other items on their menu!


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